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Czech Days!!!
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April, 2018
ProTown Star
ProTown Star
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Best Places to live:
#1 Iowa
#2 Minnesota
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"It worked!  
The diet was
Don't I
Look Great?"
No April Fools!  This was taken by the Ball Park in Protivin on April 4 after the 2nd
Spring Snow Storm. 2-3 inches in Protivin after it snowed most of the day on the 3rd.  
Light snow with high winds caused drifting over night.  There was reportedly much
more snow in Cresco and around Rochester, where there were several accidents
and people in the ditch.  It was about 15 at the time this photo was taken with
temperatures expected to dip below 10 on Friday, April 6.  Since Spring started most
days have been 25 degrees below normal, but expected to "warm up" and be only 10
degrees below normal by April 10.  After a fairly mild winter by these parts standards,
the spring has not been nice.  Stick around....It'll change!  We hope for the Best!
One of the worst moments in our
Country's History.  50 years ago this
month on April 4, 1968,
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  
shot and killed in
Memphis, Tennessee
It Happened 50 Years Ago
Mark Your Calendar
Saturday-April 21st
8 a.m - 2 p.m.
Protivin Town Wide
Garage Sales!!!
Many Treasures!!!
Don't Miss Out--Come to Protivin

If you live in Protivin
and are having one on that day
Call of text Audrey by the 15th @  
and you'll be on The Map!!!
This Month's

"Blast From The Past"
Bill Prochaska
When he ended his high school
career in Protivin in 1955
he was
the all-time leading scorer
in boy's basketball
in the State of Iowa.
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"Can't beat Fun at the Old Ball Park !"
Snowy start for the Twins!
This is one game I'm glad I missed.
Just a few Stars
that have moved on
Heaven this month.
Even though we'll miss them here,
they are still with us.
Wenceslaus F. "Jim" Balik
April 2
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If there is someone you know of
we should have on our Obituary
List, please let us know.  Send a
photo, information, and/or a link to
the funeral home in charge of
arrangements and we'll include on
this page.

Do you have an upcoming
happening in the area or some
information and/or photos from a
recent event you would like to
share on this website.

Send it to:
We are Back!!!

Currently under review and going through the final analysis before we launch
officially  in May, 2018 around Memorial Day!

Many times from many different people all over the place over the last few
years we heard  how much they missed

ProTown Star
is the same basic concept.  We changed the name to what we feel is more
appropriate for the content we will be sharing in the months, and hopefully
many years ahead.  With each issue we will continue to evolve!

ProTown Star
is published in Protivin, Iowa with the idea that Protivin is the center of the
Universe.  The contents will be anything that might be interesting to anyone
currently living in the area, formerly from the area, or just is interested in the

The Tri-County area of Howard, Winneshiek, and Chickasaw Counties in Iowa
will be the main focus, but you may see something Pop-Up from Waterloo to
Cedar Rapids to LaCrosse to Rochester to Mason City or any where else in
this wonderful world we live in.

Part of our mission is to celebrate the accomplishments of people of all ages
from current times and the past.

Each month will have its own main page with links to main features of the
month and past months

We invite you to share any interesting stuff you might have or know of and
give us any ideas of what you think we should be doing.

Send to:

ProTown Star
"Be Happy and Shine"

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"Be Happy and Shine"
"Be Happy and Shine"