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During the Fireworks Show
At times the Ball Park looked like it was on fire...
Incredible!  Fabulous!  Unbelievable!  Breath Taking!
You could choose any superlative and they all fit!!!!!!
Great Job Committee on coming up with this new feature!!
Many votes to make it a yearly event!!!!
What a Start!!!!!
The 40th Annual Czech Days celebration really did start off with a bang with the first
Czech Day Fireworks at the Ball Park.
Definitely the best Friday night in years as a huge crowd gathered to enjoy the
spectacular fireworks and you could see them all over town and into the country.
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The legendary "Bundy"
was among the players kicking off the
C0-Ed softball tournament on Friday
That's him in the pitchers circle in
the red shirt
Many come just to watch him play.  He's
been doing it for a year or two.
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The Classic Car and Tractor
show on Saturday had many entries.  
More than most years.  Here's just a few.
As always....
Many Bingo players in the Bingo Tent
If you wanted food...There was
probably a line.
El Dorado's Fire Department
with its unique entry in the parade.
That's "Baldy" in the front and Tom in the
back  with "Crowbar" driving
The Bouska Heritage Farm float
(below) in the parade.  The Bouska Family
through the years has had as much to do
with the development of the
church and town as any family.
This one takes the cake or in this case we should say
"The Pivo"
as the most unique in the parade.
So much "Pivo" and so little time.  
And In "Heaven there is no beer,That's why we have to drink it here"
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These are some of the people responsible for that "Spectacular" Fire works show on
Friday night...Up and at 'em the next morning and in the parade for a couple of hours.
You need a professional Fire Works show.  
Hire Them!!!!
"Salesman of the Month"
How could you say no to that face???
There were tractors and tractor drivers
of all shapes, colors and sizes.  
Laura took a day off from her
"Little House on the Prairie"
to join the parade at Czech Days
When we saw the horses we knew the
parade was over.  It featured nearly 300
entries and lasted nearly 2 hours.  They'll
do it again in 2023 at the 45th Annual
Czech Day celebration.
Much of the meats we eat at Czech Days
come from
Polashek's Locker.  One of
the top jaternice producers in the nation.
It certainly was one of the best run Czech
in many years.  From the brilliance of
adding Fireworks, to the Great parade to
a better than ever control of parking, we
all must "tip our hats' and send a big
"Thank You" to the Czech Day committee
headed up by
Janelle and Tim Beckman (above)
Everybody Loves a Parade
and every 5 years Protivin has one of the best around.
This year nearly 300 entries, but none more special than the one featuring the towns
longest married couple
Mary and Bob Bader (70 years) and its "oldest", but one
of the youngest at heart residents,
Ann Lukes (you never mention a woman's age,
but Ann is now at least 25). Ann is in front with her latest boyfriend.
The publisher's personal favorite in the parade was the one from Panos Farm
Supply.  It featured
Polka Music and came around twice, playing both times.
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We "Salute"  The Crestwood High
School Marching Band
for being there.  
Of the 3 schools that serve the Holy
Trinity Church area they are the only one
to always show up for the parade.  We
know it is tough to march a few miles in
hot humid conditions and we want the
band and school to know the people of
Holy Trinity really appreciate you putting
in the extra effort for us.
A very special group in the parade was "The Class of 1968" from Rudophinum
High School.
 It was the last graduating class from the school and they were
celebrating 50 years all weekend long.  To the left above is
Janis Kalishek Crisman
from the
Class of 1953 still going strong 65 years later.  
Click here or the photo above for more about the Class of 1968
Are they twins or what???
The guy driving the tractor above and in the back of the legion float below look like
the same guy.  How can that be?  Ask
Vic Lukes, he might have the answer.
The Protivin Mayor, Mike Lensing
above and the town's first lady below.
Famous Kolache maker and long time
Evelyn Schmitt with some
Hawkeye cheerleaders drive down
Commercial Avenue during the parade.  
That looks like her son
Denis driving and
not watching the road.
Old Reliable
This Protivin Fire Truck helped put out many a fire in its day, and if it had to,
it could still aid one of the finest small town fire departments in the land
if called upon.  
When you see a volunteer Protivin Fire fighter thank them for the great service
these dedicated folks provide to the area
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The Czech Heritage Partnership's Float
was full of Czech people.  Imagine that... at a Czech Day celebration.  
Bringing new meaning to "The Beauty and the Beast" is the photo below.  I would call
the guy an
"old goat", but he is actually an "old rabbit"!