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Class of 1968
Rudolphinum High School
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For 40 years this spot welcomed students through the doors of
Rudolphinum High School.  
477 graduated.  The school is long gone and today the monument honoring those
graduates sits in an area beautifully maintained by
Ray and Joyce Lukes of Protivin.
The Class of 1968 was 20 strong.  
Above from John Balik's personal collection are graduation pictures of 18 of the 20.  
Their names are listed on the monument where the school was and can be seen
here to left and up.  According to John's wife Sue, the 2 missing pictures are of Mary
Polashek and Jim Schmitt who were
"borrowed" by another classmate a while back.  If
you have pictures of these individuals email us a copy
and we'll get them posted on this page.
(Above) The Class of 1968s Graduation picture from 8th grade
in 1964 from Holy Trinity.

(Below) their  First Communion photo when in the 2nd Grade
We saved the best for last.

John "modeling" his gym shorts from high school.  
He claims he can still get them on!
John's license plate today
honoring his class
John Balik (today)

John lives in Protivin with his wife Sue
and continues to work at The Farmer's
Mill.   John ans Sue continue to be one of
the area's most popular  couples.  Among
his many contributions to the community
was serving as the town's mayor from
1980 through 1983.  
John's "signed" diploma.  
Note his graduation picture shows he was
already a "handsome beast" back in 1968.
The Class of 1968 of Rudolphinum
in Protivin was the final in its 40
year history.  The interview is with
Class member
John Balik
who lives in Protivin.
Names of the students of the last class in
1968 (above) and the first class in 1928
(below) from the monument on the same
location the school was on the
Holy Trinity Parish grounds in Protivin.
The Holy Trinity school building remains
and the name of the school has been
changed to "Trinity Catholic School" to
reflect the fact that students come from
several area parishes.
Yes, those are the old swings that have
been on the parish grounds
for over 100 years.  
A few years ago they were shortened,
painted and moved.  They now sit on the
southwest corner of the parish grounds
where one of the ball parks were "back in
the day".  A much safer location then
when kids used to go high in the air over
the grave stones in the cemetery.
The school was named for
Rev. Rudolph Lakomy
who was a popular priest at Holy Trinity.  
He died in 1925 and is buried in Protivin.

The school was a "boarding" school for
many years.  note the ad below.

(both these photos taken from the book
"Protivin, the first 100 years"
by Gerald G. Pecinovsky.
The Holy Trinity church in Protivin remains
one of the areas most beautiful and well
maintained.  The parishioners continue to
take great pride in the parish.  

Note the newest addition to the left which
was donated in the memory of Emil and
Adelyne Panos from Adelyene's estate. It
houses an elevator.

It was feared the addition might take away
from some of the aesthetics of the
church. You can see that under the
subversion  of the Panos Family the
addition was beautifully done.
The above pin was worn to basketball
games to show  support for the
"Rudohawks".  The main sport at the
school was boys basketball.  Through the
years baseball, cross country, track and
girls basketball were among other sports
played by the school.  By 1968 many of the
schools the team would play had already
closed.  The Gym was too small for many
to even consider playing in and most of
the home games were played in Spillville.

Among the frequent opponents through
the years were:  Cresco "Notre Dame",
Ossian "DeSales", Waukon "St. Pats", St.
Lucas, Elma I.C., Charles City I.C., Oelwein
"Sacred Hearts", Independence "St.
Johns", and Lansing "St. George".  Other
then "Notre Dame" by the end of 1968 all
the others mentioned above were already
It was not just a Protivin school.  
At the end kids were still coming from
Spillville, Ridgeway, Saude, Schley, Jerico
and Little Turkey.
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Jim Schmitt

(Above and below)
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